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Nanobodies on demand

We provide single domain antibodies to researchers and companies worldwide, affordable and fast.

Synobody in nutshll

The Synobody pipeline

We identify nanobodies that suits any purpose.

Using our extensive synthetic library and optimized panning processes, Synobody identifies nanobodies targeting any antigen of your choice and tailored to meet any specific requirement. 


Simply provide us your target and we will identify nanobodies for your specific need. 

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Why Synobody?


Animal-free technology

We circumvent the use of animal immunization in our process.


Ultimately cuts down cost and turnaround time for you. 


DNA diversity

We create nanobody libraries

with great complexity and diversity.


Ensures high quality binders against any target.



Our library is built from humanized parental DNA sequences.


Reduces immunogenicity and eases translation into clinic.


Affordable and fast

At the same high quality, our nanobodies are the most affordable on the market.


Guarantee binders for your target or free of charge

Superior stability

Nanobodies are more stable in a wider range of thermal and pH environments.

High penetration

Nanobodies can more easily penetrate tissues like tumors and have proved to cross the blood-brain barrier.  

Better targeting

The small size (~15kDa) of nanobodies allow better access to hidden epitopes compared to conventional antibodies.

Easy production

Nanobodies are encoded by a single gene frame and are thus easily produced in bacteria with high yields and purities. 

Rapid formatting

Nanobodies are easy to format and customize due to their small size and structural simplicity. 

Why nanobodies?

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