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Who are we?

In February 2023 @ Copenhagen Denmark Synobody was founded by Emil Arvedsen, PhD, and Jannik Faliu, MSc, in the hopes of minimizing the gap and break down barriers between researchers and nanobody technology. The goal was to develop a synthetic nanobody screening platform for identifying new theraputics, diagnostics and analytical tools. 

The Synobody team is driven by a passion for creating a self sustained company with an impact on global research.


7 years in Entrepreneurship and

9 years in Biotechnology

Jannik Faliu

Co-founder & partner


Jannik Faliu is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in scientific research and entrepreneurship.


Jannik holds a M.Sc. Scient. degree from the University of Copenhagen at the Biomedical Sciences Institute. He is specialized in automation, ultra high-throughput screening and molecular biology.


His expertise extends to experimental design, leadership skills and effective communicator of complicated scientific material bring pivotal competencies to the Synobody team.

Co-founder & partner

Emil Arvedsen

7 years in Entrepreneurship and

11 years in Biotechnology


Co-founder & partner

Emil Arvedsen is a versatile scientist with an accredited skillset within life science entrepreneurship and R&D activities.


Emil, who obtained his PhD in neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen, has a remarkable expertise in the generation and utilization of nanobody phage display libraries. His work at UC Davis demonstrated his proficiency in this area.


For Synobody, it is crucial to have a candidate with a diverse background encompassing high-throughput drug discovery, innovative gene engineering techniques, and effective management skills.

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